Wedge-loc Coupler System

Rylind Wedge-loc Coupler vertically secures the Loaders bucket and other attachments with over 2,000psi of pressure eliminating the wear associated with standard pin-locking couplers.

Rylind Wedge-loc Coupler Systems secure buckets, forks, jib booms, snow removal equipment and other attachments to the coupler frame with solid wedge-locking power. The double heavy duty hooks are easy to engage or disengage with easy alignment. Interchangeability of attachments such as snow plows within three classifications of loaders. The three interchangeable sizes are Series 10 couplers for 1 to 2 yard class loaders, Series 20, 30, and 40 couplers for 2 to 4 yard class loaders and, Series 50 and 60 couplers for 5 to 7 yard class loaders.

Weld-on coupler mounts available for any current attachments you have such as; Snow Plows, Snow Blowers, Angle Plows, Brooms, Buckets, etc… Hydraulic operating kits are included for installation.